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Welcome to our internet site. It is our aim to:

  • Offer resources for education of and learning science, technology, design, and math through investigation
  • Promote evidence-based educational techniques and learning areas for excellence in class, colleges, and communities
  • Establish deep, long-term partnerships with certain local schools to produce measurable improvements in student achievement


 Education and Leadership

Leadership authority for educative improvement prevails in academic platforms and in the communities they are serving. In general we can say that educational leadership programs prepare students to perform well in leadership roles in educational organizations and schools at community, district, state, and national levels. The requirements for efficient, successful and reliable professional techniques in education are becoming increasingly complex. The education curriculum should in general address these complex elements by offering a strong fundamental understanding of multiple perspectives in a multicultural environment. 

Leadership and Community

Leadership students must first learn how to critically analyze the conceptual, organizational, political, social, managerial, interpersonal, and technical identities and dimensions of top-notch schools.  A good example is the University of Washington. Additionally, they must learn to identify and critically evaluate the social and educational support organizations that are very important to maximize the educative possibilities for young people who grow up in urban communities. Leadership and education students must engage with other schools and community businesses and organizations to directly influence the organization’s performance and learning experiences, the health of the school, community and business, and public service agency activities.

Spaces Influence Your learning

Truth is, last night I had a dream that I wrote this post, so now I feel impelled to write it. I dream that I was interviewing a fellow students about how their environment affects their work and it came down to 3 things that actually makes sense, even though it’s all coming from dreamland. Here are the 3 spaces we discussed, funny thing in my dream we were all attending same preparation classes and learning for the GED.

Physical spaces Do I have enough space to create that’s free from chaos and distractions? Do I have all the tools I need to get my job done efficiently? There’s nothing worse than having the energy, inspiration, and the motivation to keep learning, but you don’t – simply because you don’t have or can’t find what you need. (more…)

Innovative Education

educationPerks of Healthcare Postgraduate work Healthcare ongoing education and learning, besides making it possible for maintenance of proficiency, allows ability enhancement without having to dedicate a lot of time. Besides, you also have the versatility in deciding on the program or curriculum that captures your interest; or what you believe is most essential to your existing experience.

Keep our website as one of your favorites and come back often. The website provides a unique selection of medical care courses, from nursing and medical invoicing to radiology dental care. Besides minimizing time you also get reasonably priced and highly interactive medical course credit ratings. The focused is on credentials and is “to take sometimes tough course material and dispense it in a varied, easy to keep fashion. Expertise and practices in the education  domain develop continually.

According to industry professionals Mike Jameson,  Kim J. Chames and Lindsey Carlson, about 50 percent of the know-how acquired in education college becomes obsolete in 5 years. As a result of this, education in healthcare proceeding has become imperative for physicians, medical specialists, nurses and dental experts. As a matter of fact, people’s wellbeing and lives typically depend upon these specialists so they have to keep abreast with the innovations. Having  a portfolio of  websites that follow new development in education is helpful. For example about all thing about GED/Hisec developments I check regularly EducateTheUSA website, everything about a high school equivalency diploma  in my region there. (more…)

Criticism isn’t Cynicism

The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.” (George Bernard Shaw)

If you’re going to accuse an honest critic of cynicism, then be sure to also call out the raving fans and cheerleaders for their hype as well. Hype can be more harmful than the harsh truth — it’s just generally more acceptable to lie when you hold back the negative and inflate the positive.

When I want to buy a book on Amazon, I’ll be sure to read a few 1 and 2 star reviews. I don’t dismiss them as “haters”. Negative reviews are more likely to reveal honest truths nobody wants to admit publicly — though, I realize, some harsh critics take things too far.

Some are reacting, not reviewing. Some are just trolls. But, I don’t have to let a mean-spirited review deter me from buying or enjoying a book.

Criticism doesn’t have to deter you just as hype doesn’t have to brainwash you.

To observe both the good and the bad is just a part of objectivity. (more…)

Putting Compassion into Cancer Awareness

For 14 months, I lived with someone who was dying from cancer. My father. I was with him nearly every single day of his illness until his last day. Witnessing the dying process up close and personal for a little over a year has changed me. I imagine it’s an experience that would change anyone. It, especially, changed my perception on the meaning of compassion. And I’m going to share with you how exactly. But, first I want you to think about:

What Does Cancer Awareness Mean to You?

Cancer awareness campaigns are everywhere. There are countless products, fundraisers, and marathons marketed to promote a cancer-related cause.

But, what, exactly, are we being made aware of?

No amount of cancer awareness marketing, ribbons, races, t-shirts, wristbands, and the like could have made me aware of the harsh reality that I experienced watching someone I love suffer from this awful disease. If anything, the marketing and the products related to cancer awareness seemed to undermine what a cancer patient and their family actually goes through.


Cancer isn’t Pretty

All the pretty cancer awareness merchandise began to lose their meaning once I became personally affected by cancer. The day I received that phone call on November 2, 2011 and heard the words, “he has 6-9 months.” (more…)

The Lie in Unlimited

Many motivational speakers and writers like to inspire their followers with unlimited hope. Phrases like – unlimited power, unlimited potential, and life without limits come to mind.

Trying to motivate people by telling them there is no limit to what they can do might have the greatest intentions, but it’s misleading.


We DO have limits. To say we don’t is literally a lie.

Your body has limits. If you’re a runner or workout, if you’ve ever been sick, or if you’ve ever been to a funeral then you know this.

Your time is limited. If you’ve ever tried to schedule too many tasks in a day then you know this. Even an extraordinary achiever like Steve Jobs knew this:  “Your time is limited so don’t waste it…”

Who chooses online learning?

Online university programs have proved to be very beneficial to suit business professionals so they can meet their work and domestic obligations at all times. Now they won’t have to bother anymore with trying to find time for universities courses to obtain a degree. But there are several points to consider when trying to find the right online university program, here is why.


Convenience is one reason online courses are helpful to a lot of working professionals. Nonetheless, this is not something you should underestimate. Classes will be tough and you will have to devote a lot of time to your study. This implies you will need to work harder to make sure you don’t produce lesser quality of work. You should bear in mind that target dates are necessary, even if you could do the program work at your very own pace. This is why you should discipline yourself so you don’t end up with everything at the end. If you would like to see the most affordable MBA programs in America, go to: The Cheapest MBA Programs in the USA.

Read the Syllabus

To make certain you know exactly what to expect, you should read through the syllabus several times during the program. This will keep you focused so you know what is required. Every teacher will have several target dates and requirements. You need to stay in close contact with your teachers consistently, because this allows them to learn more about you.

Be Careful What You State (more…)

The World is Not My Mirror

“The world is your mirror” is a common new age philosophy. It means everything you see in others is a reflection of you. Some take this further and say that everything you experience is just a story you tell yourself. So, nothing is real except that which you make real.

But, if the world is my mirror, then… the only relationship I have in life is with myself, I’m incapable of appreciating anything outside of myself, that chemistry I feel in romance is actually with myself, anything I do in service to another person is actually in service to me,

nobody is actually “thoughtful” — at least not in the way that implies the person wasn’t thinking of themselves, but others — maybe “thoughtfulness” is just a pretty word for selfishness,

and every act of violence and injustice I observe would cause me guilt, since it’s a reflection of me.

If the world is my mirror, then every tear shed over my father’s death was for me. It had nothing to do with my empathy for him and his pain, and for every person who was touched by the loss of his presence, actions, and love.

The world is NOT my mirror. (more…)

Using Apps to Document Change

People give too much credit to the power of their thoughts. There’s even a whole book entitled “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”.  I’ve intentionally changed thoughts countless times. It didn’t change anything.

Whatever is going on in my head is useless if reality doesn’t change. Life changes for me when: thoughts lead to action –> action creates change –> and change influences BELIEF. Changing your thoughts won’t help much if you don’t believe them. And it takes many small actions over time to get from thinking to believing. It’s not instant gratification. Real change takes time.

I would never chalk it all up to a change of thought.


Six years ago, when I was 165 lbs, every daily change I made to lose weight was boring. It wasn’t motivating or inspiring. And it required very little thinking and a lot of doing. And I lost 65 lbs in 5 months and continued to stay in shape since then. My reality changed when I saw results. Literally.

THEN my beliefs changed. THEN I felt motivated. Not before. If someone asked me what thoughts did I change to inspire myself to lose weight, I would find that very insulting. Thoughts? I could tell you the many actions I took despite negative thoughts and self-doubt in my head. People assume if you did something, then surely you must be one of those motivated positive thinkers. But, accomplishments are the result of being mobile, not motivated.

Using apps can be helpful.

Recently, I’ve been using OhLife as a reminder to make small daily changes towards bigger goals. OhLife is free. Once you sign up, they’ll email you every day and ask you: How did your day go? When you reply, it records your journal entry for the day.

If the Label Bothers You, Focus on the Person

Occasionally, I’ll read or hear someone say “there’s no proof ADHD is real.”

There will always be a little controversy with the ADHD diagnosis and it’s validity. But, when you try to create controversy over a label, you miss the point.

There’s a person behind the label.

Hopefully, there’s no debate about people being real. Does anyone have the right to validate what a real person is experiencing?

If the label bothers you, focus on the person instead – their behavior and qualities, their struggles and strengths. Those things are real with or without the label.

No matter what anyone is labeled with, we all just want to understand ourselves better so we can succeed in life. That’s all a person with ADHD wants and that’s what being properly diagnosed helps them do. There’s nothing controversial about that.

There’s an epidemic of people who are passion-deficit, sense-of-humor-deficit, and empathy-deficit. Or people who watch too many hours of reality TV shows. And yet, there’s no controversy surrounding their condition. I guess ADHDers are more fascinating and worth debating about. SO fascinating that, surely, we must be faking it.

“There’s no proof ADHD is real” is a selfish debate.

It isn’t helping anyone. It creates zero solutions and spreads intolerance.

Debate about what’s the best way for a person to manage and succeed with ADHD. That’s a topic worth discussing. At least the intent is focused on helping the person behind the label.

People can create controversy over labels all they want. (more…)